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You need to enable your session-only cookies if you want to enroll in a course and get real estate continuing education credit. Please see the instructions below for help.

Note: Commercial Institute does not require disk-based cookies to be enabled. But, if they are enabled you will be given the option to log in automatically when you return to our site. This is accomplished by storing encrypted information in a disk-based cookie. This feature is strictly for your convenience and is completely optional.

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Please use the following instructions to enable session-only cookies so you can take our real estate continuing education courses. Note: If any of the instructions do not work, it is possible certain anti-spyware applications, virus scanners, or firewalls are blocking cookies regardless of your browser settings. It is also possible you have a different browser version or that your browser settings have been restricted by a network administrator for security reasons. In either case, please see your administrator for assistance.
Go to Tools | Internet Options | Privacy. Click the Edit button, type in the web address field, then click the Allow button. Please link to web site or review online documentation for older versions.
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Go to Tool | Options | Cookies. Click the Exceptions button, type in the web address field, then click Allow for Session.
Please link to web site for instructions.
Please link to web site for instructions.
Please link to web site for instructions.
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