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introduction to the tenant representation business

TREC Approved MCE Course Number: 060007424444 (6 Hours)

Should you add tenant representation to your arsenal of profitable professional skills? This course will help you make that decision.

This introduction course comprehensively outlines the nature and the opportunities of this specialty field for brokers and salespersons. It gives current tenant representatives (‘tenant reps’) guidance in doing their work more effectively and efficiently. This course will increase and support your development of practical skills, enhanced competence and ongoing professionalism.

A partial Course Summary includes:

  • What is the tenant representation business?
  • What are the opportunities for the real estate professional?
  • How are tenant reps compensated?
  • Understanding the tenant’s predicament and how the tenant rep can help.
  • Knowing why most lease negotiations favor the Landlord
  • Clarifying who the tenant rep works for
  • Understanding the concepts involved in the leasing process
  • How the tenant rep can help the tenant understand and avoid the normal traps and pitfalls that exist for those without representation
  • How to convey the advantages the tenant has with exclusive representation
  • What the tenant rep can expect from their clients.
At the conclusion of this course you will have a broad overview of the opportunities and responsibilities of the tenant representation business as it relates to commercial real estate lease transactions. By the end of this course you will have a clearer understanding of the leasing process, the components and attitudes necessary for success.

This course does not have a required Final Exam.

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