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how to become a smart negotiator

TREC Approved MCE 060010424828 (6 Hours)

This is one MCE course that can actually improve your financial bottom line!

This is a fundamentally fun course with a serious mission. In this course you will learn that negotiating is a developable skill that is vitally useful to anyone in business and that the rewards for those in commercial real estate are faster deals, more transactions, timesavings, and improved relationships. It will help move you closer to your goals by teaching you proven techniques, practical suggestions, and simple strategies that can be implemented in virtually any negotiating situation.

If you think about it, nearly everything in life is negotiated, such as our salaries, commissions, contracts, real estate deals, ordinary discussions, disputes, sales, and many other areas of both our business and personal lives. It is impossible to be successful in business and avoid negotiations. Therefore, it is essential to learn and understand the art of successful negotiating. It is one of the most important interpersonal skills one can acquire.

Few things in life are more universally recognized as being negotiable than is real estate. Becoming a skilled negotiator may help you salvage many otherwise lost deals. This skill has the potential to reduce conflicts leading to mediation, arbitration or even the courthouse. As such, this set of crucial skills has a bottom line positive effect upon a broker’s success and the overall professionalism and satisfaction he/she helps to bring to the process of leasing, selling or developing real estate.

This realistic and relevant course will increase and support your development of practical business skills, enhanced competence and ongoing professionalism.

This course does not have a required Final Exam.

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