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how to delegate your way to success

TREC Approved MCE Course Number: 030005525564 (3 Hours)

Do you sometimes feel as if you are losing your sanity and are on the verge of burnout?

The art of delegating is an increasingly effective organizational tool that may help you get your life back. There are few leadership or management skills more important than knowing how and when to delegate.

Real estate brokers tend to be "take charge" people. Ironically, the very personality traits that allow these leaders to take risks and spawn new companies can prevent adequate management of those businesses. Very often, an entrepreneurial business leader has the vision for a successful enterprise, but he or she lacks the skills (and the time) to attend to the everyday details required to achieve that vision.

No matter how good or well trained a person is there are limits as to what one can do. Time is a limitation for everyone. In the world of work, progressing beyond your personal limits and achieving success is directly proportional to your ability to convince others to participate in the objectives and goals you have established or must meet.

In this course you will learn the techniques for delegating and for monitoring those delegated tasks…without getting bogged down in the details. This is the secret behind the door of success, and we will give you the keys to unlock it.

This course does not have a required Final Exam.

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