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goal setting greatness is your right

TREC Approved MCE Course Number: 060005525566 (6 Hours)

Taking this course and implementing what you learn may transform your life!

Learning to set goals is arguably the single most important skill you can develop. There is no question that goal setting is intimately entwined with the process of developing your vast potential in virtually all areas of your life.

While statistics vary, generally less than 5% of business people ever write goals for themselves, or for their business. However, those that do often find that they are in the top 5% of the most successful companies and individuals in their fields of work. In fact, all champion athletes, successful businesspeople, and achievers in all fields incorporate goal setting as a routine success technique.

Achieving personal success in any endeavor requires defining what that success looks like. In this course, we’ll explore the best thinking on determining your destination by learning the optimum steps for setting and achieving your goals.

This course does not have a required Final Exam.

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