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proven strategies to grow your real estate practice

TREC Approved MCE Course Number: 090005525569 (9 Hours)

This insightful course succinctly defines and examines a number of proven business development strategies that will help you make more money with less time and effort.

Mankind has been refining business development techniques since the world began. Having a real estate practice is both similar to and different from other service businesses. Success is a complicated process of discovering what the marketplace really wants and trying to ethically tailor your services or your properties to best meet these real needs.

This highly practical course will focus much of that wisdom on the growing of a real estate practice, providing concise, actionable tactics for the real estate student. This course focuses on teaching the ‘best practices’ of those who have demonstrated business development success in the arena of real estate.

The Course Content Summary:

  • Module 1: The Key to Success is Planning
  • Module 2: Highly Effective Business Strategies
  • Module 3: Applying the Strategy of Leverage
  • Module 4: Customer Service Strategies
  • Module 5: How to Solve Problems
  • Module 6: Strategies for a Balanced Business Life

This course does not have a required Final Exam.

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