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The Next Really Big Thing... The TIC 1031-Exchange

TREC Approved MCE Course Number: 090012323673 (9 Hours)

How can you participate in the next really big thing in commercial real estate?

This insightful course explores the burgeoning Tenant-in-Common form of ownership that is shaking up both real estate investing and the related 1031-exchange business.

This course will teach you the essentials of the tax-deferred exchange options. It will help you to identify optimal opportunities and strategies for your prospective clients. It will help you find answers to most of the critically important questions your clients may have.

You will learn the skills necessary to assist your sellers or buyers to make wiser, safer, and more predictable investment buying and selling decisions. The printable course materials provide numerous checklists and questions for use in all matters pertaining to the new TIC-exchanges.

The 1031 like-kind exchange was considered one of the Internal Revenue Code’s best-kept secrets. Today, however, the “1031-exchange” is commonplace. In fact it is the primary choice among strategies for growing one’s investment portfolio.

Understanding these types of investments will help you broaden your base of services to an ever-growing class of potential clients. This knowledge will enable you to cultivate new customers and increase referrals. And because most real estate investments are multi-year events, this tends to foster long-term relationships. Treat these clients well and you will likely have them for life.

This course does not have a required Final Exam.

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