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Are your courses state approved? 

Yes. We are approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) as a continuing education provider and our courses are individually approved to fully meet the number of mandatory continuing education hours stated. If you need more information, we are registered with TREC as " 1st Commercial Institute ", provider number 0324. Please see our individual course descriptions for course registration numbers.
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Do your renewal packages meet the new legal requirements?
Yes. TREC’s new MCE rules require all licensees to take a standardized 3-hour legal and a 3-hour ethics update course, developed with the help of Texas A&M. Together these courses meet the 6 legal hours of mandatory continuing education required for your license renewal. These two courses are included in each of our MCE license renewal packages. But you may also select them separately from our list of individual courses.
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A lot of online schools seem to resell the same courses. Do you offer your own?
Yes. If you have researched online continuing education, you will find that many, if not most, "schools" resell stock courses from a handful of large education conglomerates. This allows individuals to quickly enter the business of online education with little more than a web site and an email account, and virtually no initial outlay. While this practice makes great economic sense for upstarts, and allows large conglomerates to capture far more students, it does not necessarily serve the needs of students. Our mission is driven by the student's (your) needs. This is why we have chosen to produce and control all of our own course material, and to employ experienced, practicing, real estate professionals, who have the same needs and interests as you. We have also chosen not to stray into other fields (e.g. defensive driving) like the conglomerates, but instead to focus on quality real estate continuing education for brokers and salespersons.
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How does this work?
Step 1: Decide what your MCE needs are. If you need all 15-hours of MCE (including legal), review our MCE Course Packages. If not, look at our Individual Courses. Click on the course names to see detailed descriptions. Check off the courses you want with your mouse, then click the Checkout button at the bottom of the page.
Step 2: Complete your Payment information.
Step 3: Complete your Enrollment information, if you are a new student.
Step 4: Complete your courses at your own pace.

Our courses are provided entirely online, through the Internet. Nothing is needed but your web browser.

Courses are usually broken into several chapters (called ‘modules’). Pages usually consist of only one or two paragraphs of related content. Our research has shown that splitting courses up into small "bite sizes" helps most students get through the material quickly.

Still, if you prefer to see a printed course version, you can download/print our courses in a pleasing PDF format at any time.

If required by your State Regulators, you may encounter quizzes and/or a final exam in your courses. Our questions are very straightforward and presented in a T/F or multiple-choice format.

After completing your Final Exam (online) you are asked to complete a very short Course Evaluation.

Step 5: Get your credit. After you complete our course evaluation, your credit will be submitted to TREC electronically instantly.

Commercial Institute worked directly with TREC to help create a new automated MCE credit submission process. If you use Commercial Institute, this new process will replace the slower, error-prone paper system TREC has used for years.

You are still responsible for sending your renewal fees directly to TREC.

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Will you notify TREC I completed these courses?
When you complete your course and evaluation, your credits are immediately sent electronically to TREC.

Please don’t panic if your credits do not show up immediately on TREC’s website. It may take TREC up to 10 days to process and update it's records; and, regardless of when TREC receives and/or processes your credit, you will not be penalized if you completed your course before your license expiration date, and made timely payment of all renewal fees.

In the event you need to contact TREC, you may reach them at 512-459-6544 (or 1-800-250-8732) -- or, try their web site.

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