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answers to common questions

Are your courses state approved? 
Yes. We are approved as continuing education providers in all of the states we do business, and our courses are individually approved to meet state license renewal requirements.
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Do your courses meet all my of educational requirements?
Yes. Each course is designed specifically to meet your state mandated continuing education requirements. If your state requires that you take specific non-elective courses, like legal or ethics courses, please make sure you select these courses in addition to any other elective courses. A great way to make sure you receive all required credit (elective and non-elective) is to select one of our comprehensive course packages.
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A lot of online schools seem to resell the same courses. Do you offer your own?
Yes. If you have researched online continuing education, you will find that many, if not most, "schools" resell stock courses from a handful of large education conglomerates. This allows individuals to quickly enter the business of online education with little more than a web site and an email account, and virtually no initial outlay. While this practice makes great economic sense for upstarts, and allows large conglomerates to capture far more students, it does not necessarily serve the needs of students. Our mission is driven by the student's (your) needs. This is why we have chosen to produce and control all of our own course material, and to employ experienced, practicing, real estate professionals, who have the same needs and interests as you. We have also chosen not to stray into other fields (e.g. defensive driving) like the conglomerates, but instead to focus on quality real estate continuing education for brokers and salespersons.
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Should I take my MCE online?
Absolutely! Here's why.
Reason #1: It is so convenient.
You can take online courses anywhere and at any time provided you have a computer with an Internet connection. You don't need to take time off during business hours. You don't need to spend time and money traveling anywhere. You can also take our online MCE courses at your own pace - stopping and starting whenever you want.

Reason #2: Online courses also tend to save you money because the enrollment cost is generally lower than in-person classes and you don't have associated costs for materials, travel, meals, and lodging.

Reason #3: Online courses are generally faster than in-class courses.

Reason #4: You have our Guarantee.
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Is this faster than correspondence or in-class courses?

Yes. The time it takes will vary depending upon your level of experience with the subject matter. We let you proceed at your own pace with no timed constraints. While some providers require you stay on a computer screen for a set time before you can proceed, we feel this is an unnecessary burden.

However, we know for a fact that most people can read faster (about 5-to-8 times faster) than an Instructor in a classroom can speak. Thus most people can accomplish their online MCE requirements faster than in a classroom setting. Some complete their courses significantly faster while also enjoying superior content.

All students are encouraged to print out their course manuals and read them before going online. This one strategy guarantees your time online will be greatly reduced.
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Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes, our guarantee is strong. If you do not like your experience we will simply return your money. And you will still receive your continuing education credit if you have completed all necessary requirements. Why not give us a try? You have nothing to lose and the potential to gain from this MCE experience is great! Once you experience our online courses you may never sit in a classroom again.
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Do you offer any commercial courses?
Our affilated company, 1st Commercial Institute (TREC-approved Provider #0324), offers only commercial real estate MCE courses.
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How do I choose a course?
It's easy! Go to the page listing all of our courses. Go to our home page if you can't find it. Using your mouse, check the box to the left of the Package or Course Name. When you have selected the package or courses you want, scroll down and click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button. On the check out page, you will be asked to confirm your selections and provide some basic payment information before clicking the Place Order button. Once you have successfully placed your order, you can find your courses by clicking the My Account menu option on the top of any page on our web site.
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Can I print my course?
Yes. Commercial Institute makes the text for its continuing education courses available on the My Account page. You can access this page by clicking the My Account link on the top of any page on our web site.

The printable course text has everything the online course has except for graphical images, quizzes, and exams. It is provided strictly as a convenience and does not need to be downloaded and read to receive course credit. All text is stored in a PDF file format so you will need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader utility if you want to view it. If you have ever viewed a PDF file on your computer you probably already have this viewer installed.

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Do I have to save my work before I quit?
No. Just quit your Internet/browser connection. Our system knows exactly where you stopped. When you come back to a course our system always takes you back to the last page you were on. You never have to repeat a section or remember where you last were.

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What if I fail a course?
No problem! You can still get credit. We will re-enroll you in the course at no cost, so you can take the course again.

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Can I review a course once it's completed?
Yes. Go to the My Account page by clicking on the My Account link at the top of any page on our web site. You will find a link to your previously completed courses here. We created this feature for students wanting to apply some of what they had learned in a course to their own real estate practices. The course material will not be available indefinitely but it will normally be available for 90 days. Please be aware that quiz and exam questions (if required), cannot be reviewed once a course has been completed.

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